Recycle Pods


We Are Looking For More Space

Cash 4 Clothes Recycling Cabins

Over the last 2 years we have placed over 20 of our recycling cabins in car parks in large shopping centres, Wickes & Homebase car parks, and also B&M stores car parks nationwide.

Our recycling cabins can increase the car park value and also increase the footfall to the stores located near by.

The recycling cabins require the equivalent of 3 car park spaces and are open 6/7 days per week.

We have been very successful with our cabins that are already placed with a large increase in of clothes, shoes, bric a brack & other household items being recycled. This is not only beneficial to us but to also to the environment.

Cash 4 Clothes are on the look out for more spaces for our recycling cabins. If you think you have suitable space please contact us at out Head Office on 0141 952 2644 or through the contact us form on our website.


Did you know?

Year on year millions of garments are disposed of by the public. Rather these items being incinerated, our service can help make these clothes usable to people in poorer countries.

When you donate you’ll be helping reduce landfill sites, supporting the recycling industry and helpo people in less fortunate situations. It’s the perfects way to help your society and the environment.

 Please send opportunities to:
0800 433 2274